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From the Mighty Minoy comes his uberzidsicmix... savory!


From 2001 - the second in a wild series of recordings made in Louisville & beyond.


Another treat in the Al Margolis [ny] collaborative archive... this one with Chris "Paisley Hued Eucalyptus Corkscrew Pavillion" Smith [ca] -> from 1988.


het et al, mami? 1-12-88 mix by zan in the big blur
the absolute most I could possibly fit into one mix
appears before your ears and shudders away in
shame for your ignorance of it's origin. I suppose
within this thirty minutes I use sources from twenty
to forty different source signals... who knows I
never bothered to count or tabulate during the big blur and
worse yet you'll never know ~ I can never tell you
because I don't know for myself zidslick 1988
{from the cover}


Out of the fury and flurry of releases in 1988 comes this curious mixture of PBK [ca]*, If, Bwana [ny] and Henri Van Der Veen's Ditto [nl] project.

*PBK is now in [mi] but I have a convention of crediting the location the person was when the recordings I used were made. If someone I collaborate with moves it is confusing as to where I credit them from being from when I've done releases with them in different locations. So I think this is the most historically accurate way to inform the listener.


Harking from 1988 this work pits If, Bwana [ny] against Minoy [ca] - this is the follow up release to 1986's ZAMI- The Trauma of Industrial Etiquette.


Kicking and screaming out of 1986 comes Byoto Crow Mkstman combining Richard Crow [uk], Shoni Byoto [jp], Mike Stevens [ia] and myself.

Commenced in Barcelona and continued in Valencia this project with the Dutch author and audiosavant Rinus Van Alebeek breaks into new territory, fertile and particular. Rinus attended part of the LEM festival in Gracia, Barcelona and our meeting inspired investigations and explorations in the 6th floor crusty walk-up ancient apartment right off the Rambla in downtown Barcelona. Three recordings were made up there, including material recorded in Barcelona by both of us.
dnasnow/mouseup blog
From 1987 the collaboration series (no mustache under his nose) features Zanstones (ky) and Shmuzorft (nl). This release vaseline also features Kazuhiro Ohtsuka (jp), Haters (ca) and Maurio Guazotti (it).
Shmuzorft collaborations

Fruit of 2005's collaboration with Jorge Castro (pr) is the 85th installment of Zanoisect.
Started in 1985 this is the third most productive group at ZH27.
see: http://zanoisect.blogspot.com/


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